About us

Dynamic Motion Systems is a modern (high tech) company founded by specialists in the field of automation, metrology and precision mechanics. We are a leading polish manufacturer of displacement systems in the form of linear modules unique due to high movement dynamics and high positioning accuracy.

Thanks to our philosophy of solutions based on the "plug & play" principle, our solutions are easily used in various industries (medical, pharmaceutical, production lines, packaging systems, filling systems, motion control, precise scanning, etc.)

Next to standard solutions based on a specially developed MG module, we also deliver customized multi-axis systems that are used as a core for 3D printers, XYZ plotters, packaging machines, optical measurement systems, manipulators and other machines and devices.

Our R&D department, made up of specialists, will be happy to face even most demanding tasks that cannot be implemented with standard modules. If you have a project to do, please discuss it with us. For sure we will find the optimal solution to your problem and we will make it faster and much better? than you expected.

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